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Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

There are many types of air conditioning systems that are available to keep your home cooling and heating all year round. Some types are more common for hotter climates as some are more common for cooler climates. Straight Cool Systems, Heat Pump Systems, Package Units, Gas Furnaces, and Mini Split Systems are some of the common types of cooling and heating systems available.

Straight Cool System

True Temp is located in South Florida, where you can find the most common type of air conditioning system the Straight Cool System.  This system consists of an air conditioning condenser which is located outside your home and the air handler, which can be found inside the garage, attic, hallway, or closet. This can range in seer ratings from 14 seer all the way up to the higher 20 seer ratings and also come in a range of different manufacturers. The system works by removing moisture in the air to heat or cool your home.

Heat Pump System

The next system is a Heat Pump System. Similar, to the Straight Cool system, having an air handler and a condenser, the heat pump system functions a little differently. The heat pump is equipped with a   reversing valve and a suction accumulator. The purpose of a heat pump is to reverse the cycle in the heating mode in order to heat up the house.  More commonly found in the northern part of Florida and the Panhandle. A heat pump is common because it is more cost effective to use this type of system in colder areas to heat up your home with a heat pump versus a heating element.  These types of units do come with an additional cost versus a straight coil system.

Package Unit

The next type of unit is a Package Unit. Package units are divided into 2 categories: a side flow and down flow. A side flow is typically for modular homes where the return and supply come off the side of the unit and the duct work goes under the house with floor vents or sometimes duct work is run through the outside wall into the attic and then distributed throughout the house. It has also been found where the duct work goes through the wall, up through a closet, into the attic and then distributed throughout the house. You can find a heat pump as well on these types of systems, as well as straight cool systems. Typically, the seer reading is on the lower side as there are not that many higher seer ratings on package units.  The down flow is typically installed in commercial applications where the unit gets installed on the roof top and the supply and return are underneath the unit.

Gas Furnace

Another type of air conditioning system is a Gas Furnace. This is typically used in the northern states where the heating is used more than the cooling.  Therefore, it costs more to heat up the house than it does cool the house down. You have the same condenser outside and an evaporator coil but along with that you will also have a gas furnace and this is found to be in conjunction with the evaporator coil and evaporator blower.

Mini Split System

Lastly, is a Mini Split System. Mini split systems are typically found to be off white or a white color that is mounted in an area of the home or office. Usually found to be approximately 30 inches long, 24 inches high, and 12 inches wide. They are very slim condensers and do not have any ductwork connected to them. Depending on the type of unit, they can be installed in every room of the house if they are a multi evaporator unit. A downside to this type of cooling and heating system is you will physically see the evaporator inside the room or location it is installed.  Warranties are found to be a little limited on these units, but they are found to be very economical for certain situations. When you are trying to cool or heat a smaller space such as a garage or office they can be very useful.  These can be found to be very high in seer rating which can benefit in your electrical bill resulting in a savings.

Contact True Temp today to schedule a free in-home estimate for replacing your existing equipment. We will be happy to discuss different unit options with you and provide options to determine which system if best for your cooling and heating needs.  772-607-1077 or     

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