Financing Your New A/C

Living here on the Treasure Coast we understand the need for having a reliable air conditioning system. A typical air conditioning unit has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years, give or take, depending

Community Engagement

True Temp LLC had the wonderful opportunity of being interviewed by the City of Port Saint Lucie, the SBDC along with Indian River State College and WPBF News Channel 25.  Regarding the success they had

Meet Team Member Kimberly

When you contact True Temp Air Conditioning you may have the opportunity to speak with Kimberly Restrepo.  Kimberly handles all of the office operations, scheduling, field personnel and customer service. With over 22 years of

2023 has New Energy Efficiency Standards

2023 New Energy Efficiency Standards in effect

What to Expect During a Diagnostic Service Call with True Temp Air Conditioning

You get home from work and find that it is a little warm in the house. You are not aware of any issues with your air conditioning system so you set your thermostat to a

The Air Conditioning Condenser

The Air Conditioning Condenser What does it do? The air conditioning condenser is a vital part of your air conditioning system. The condenser can be found outside the home.  The condenser rejects the heat that

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