Air Conditioning Condenser

The Air Conditioning Condenser

The Air Conditioning Condenser What does it do? The air conditioning condenser is a vital part of your air conditioning system. The condenser can be found outside the home.  The condenser rejects the heat that

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True Temp Port Saint Lucie

Services Available from True Temp

True Temp Air Conditioning Installation With over 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry, we have worked on all types of air conditioning equipment.  The process for a new air conditioning system installed in

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Ways to Lower Cooling and Heating Costs

Many consumers are familiar with their electricity bills being much higher in the summer, especially if you live in states like Florida, Georgia, and Texas. On the other hand, many consumers whose heating system runs on electricity,

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True Temp Air Conditioning

Meet Team Member Edwin

Edwin Restrepo has over 25 years of experience in both residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration.  Edwin is the proud owner and state license holder of True Temp, located here in Port Saint Lucie. 

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Air Purifier in your Home - RemeHalo

Air Purifier in your Home

Air purifier systems (also known as air sanitizers) – Why are they so very important in the home? Quite simply because the air inside is generally polluted. It’s often 10 times more polluted and even up

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