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Is my Air Conditioning system the proper size for my home or office?

This topic is brought up a lot when customers are deciding on the investment of a new system. It is a great question and many factors need to be taken into consideration when determining if your air conditioning system is the proper size.
Central air conditioners are measured by the tonnage. The tonnage of an air conditioner provides the ability to lower humidity and cool your home or office. An air conditioner can range from many different tons usually 1.5 tons to 5 tons for residential applications. It is easy to believe that the larger the tonnage of the A/C system the better the cooling will be. Typically, 5 tons or more are best suited for commercial type spaces. It is common for homes with a larger square footage to have two air conditioning units before a five ton is used in a residence, especially in two story homes.
When determining the right size unit for your home or office a licensed air conditioning contractor will take many things into consideration. True Temp’s goal is to keep you cool, provide you with efficient cooling, and energy savings. Taking into consideration the square footage of the home, the ceiling height, the amount of insulation, and number of windows in the home are just a few of the things to consider when determining the proper size unit for your home. With the use of special programming we can provide you with proper calculations to ensure the right size system.

When the air conditioning is over sized issues with humidity occur inside the home or office. This will cause mold and dampness to develop, which can only lead to more problems down the road. Some people think yes, but it will cool my house faster but in truth, the over sized unit will cost more on your electric bill and provide you with a less efficient system not to mention issues with mold inside the home.

When taking into consideration, the fact that having an over sized unit will reach a cooler temperature faster in most cases but it will also shut down faster since it has reached the cooler temperature. This will cause the air conditioner to turn off and does not give enough time to get rid of humidity. This will cause parts on your system to need replacement more frequently and the unit will need to be serviced more often. Not providing any savings to the homeowner mostly due to wear and tear on the system and the system being overused.

True Temp Air Conditioning wants to provide you with an energy efficient, proper sized, and cost-effective A/C system from the start. By selecting the correct size air conditioning unit with True Temp, you will benefit from a longer lasting system, savings, less headaches, and a more comfortable home!
Trust in True Temp to lead you in the right direction when replacing your existing air conditioning system. Remember, we sweat so you don’t have to!

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