Why Does My Air Conditioner Leak Water?

leaking air handler

The first time you see water leaking from your air conditioning unit, you may go into panic mode and feel you have to call your air conditioning specialist immediately. It does not have to be cause for immediate concern. It’s perfectly normal for some amount of water to leak from your unit. At the same […]

Air Conditioning Filters

AC Filter with True Temp Logo for excellent indoor air quality

Purchasing the right filter for your home or office can lead to so much confusing information and often leave you wondering “Did I buy the right filter?”. In efforts to clear up any confusion and misleading information we have narrowed down some of the top filter questions and concerns. 1 How often should I change […]

Top 7 Benefits of Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning

Lint Buildup In Dryer Vent

Thousands of people in the United States do not give much thought about getting their dryer vents cleaned. This explains why there are increased utility bills and increasing growth of pollutants in the house. Dryer unit manufacturers emphasize on regular dryer vent cleaning. Here are some of the benefits you will be getting if you […]

Is my Air Conditioning system the proper size for my home or office?

Correct AC Size

This topic is brought up a lot when customers are deciding on the investment of a new system. It is a great question and many factors need to be taken into consideration when determining if your air conditioning system is the proper size.Central air conditioners are measured by the tonnage. The tonnage of an air […]